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odd-wiki-hive - 'wiki-net'

odd-wiki-hive - 'wiki-net' - face face-feed [en]

face face

local or shared cross wiki hives

There are two kinds of local names:

1.) The local names in the wikis sitting in the wiki hives. They are local = they work in the respective wiki only.

2.) The local names in the main wikis of the wiki hives. They are shared amongst each other = they work in all wiki hives and in all wikis sitting in them. That’s ~ in the one big soup.

An example for 1.) is odd-wiki-hive - 'wiki-net' - local names.

An example for 2.) is odd-wiki-hive - local names. Note the sections for the shared local names of the wikis / namespaces in the odd-wiki-hive further down on the page.

Sharing local names for the different day-page-set and wiki-net pages is on its way in the:

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